Abrasion Leaking Air

I've developed some abrasion on the material on one of the side tubes, in which the red nylon material is worn out and it's down to the bare fabric material underneath. It's leaking air. How do I patch it up? Someone suggested AquaSeal but I'm wondering if that's what you recommend as well.

Abrasions can be covered with AquaSeal, or the slightly thinner formulation of the same urethane material -- SeamGrip. Both are made by McNett. Clean the area first with some rubbing alcohol, then apply the urethane to the abrasion and keep it flat until it dries.

If the kayak is losing air, I would first confirm where it is leaking by inflating the chamber and then applying a warm solution of soapy water to the suspect areas. You should see bubbles appearig where the kayak loses air.